White Studio

White Studio is a new-generation dentistry. The main peculiarity of the center is a creation of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for patients. Visiting White Studio is more like visiting a beauty shop or SPA. While working on the project, we had a goal to set and visualize key features of the dentistry in a corporate design. We wanted to avoid a traditional association with healthcare institutions due to creating something light, modern, and relaxed. During a development of a logo for White Studio, we decided to reject a typical image of teeth and scope out the big picture: that’s how the feather-smile appeared. On the one hand, it is light and weightless; on the other hand, it is calm and serene. It is a smile of a person who has no fears, who is confident of his teeth and his dentistry. 

The idea of lightness, which underlay the work on identity of White Studio, unfolded in a text content of the logo through a unique trademark lettering exclusively developed and used within the project. A navigation system of the dentistry, which plays an important role in a formation of visitors’ good mood,  followed the tone set by the logo – serenity, easiness, and pacification. The same spirit was preserved in a brandbook. Soft pastel colors, friendly geometric ornaments used in POS-materials and on the website – all these elements are aimed at presentation White Studio as a place where dental care is turning from an unpleasant manipulation into a part of a self-care and smile-care programme.