Peltri is a small family business that produces high-quality fur goods, primarily, coats. Furs have always been expensive, and even today, a nice fur coat stresses a high status and throws elegance on a woman. Any material completely unlocks its best qualities just in hands of a master – wood and stone, skin and fur. While developing a corporate design for Peltri, we were trying to highlight a craft status of produced goods, to set parallels to traditional workshops all over the world. Toledo shoe shops, Ontario furniture stores, or Toscana leather shops are united by an experience of masters and craft traditions handed down from generation to generation, simplicity of forms and names, which is a brand itself. Relying of values that are traditional for fur and leather crafts, we developed a simple and clear logo that could be successfully used by masters many centuries ago; at the same time, it possesses a great potential for a development. Simple geometric forms of the corporate design, as well as a classic black-and-white combination of colors stress simplicity and a close connection with roots.