There are estimated to be about 1,000 new words added to our language every year. These come as technical terms or from combining previously known words in new ways to highlight some “thing” that wasn’t there before. An excellent article on adding words to our language was published by The Guardian not too long ago, but whether we like it or not, our demand for new and originally branded, be it products or companies, far exceeds the supply.

For example, in construction industry there are more than 100,000 companies operating worldwide. And not surprisingly, almost all of them would like to have a nice, great sounding, original Brand name. However, a study by X(or according to x) 90 percent of brands in construction industry use a variation of barely six core words in their naming:
  • construction
  • development
  • building
  • fourth
  • fifth
  • sixth

Proficient naming is one of the most complicated elements of a brand development. An active vocabulary of an average person rarely exceeds 10,000 words. Considering demands of authenticity, euphony, and such an important thing as graphics of a word, only about 2,000 nouns are able to become a brand. If we take each category separately, for example, food products, there is even a smaller number. One of way outs is thought to be derivative naming: due to a limited amount of affixes or compounding two or three words, an original name emerges. However, a number of such constructions is limited as well. To be honest, we see the one and only way out of the situation: to look ahead and develop names for further registration today. Are you running a snack line? Think about other products which will be included into your price. Are you going to register a new call rate? What are other services of the mobile network operator, which need branding?