Friendly banking

Smolevich is a regional bank in Smolensk. It cannot compete to Russian and global banking giants in the sphere of the volume of assets and the client base; however, it is able to beat them in a different field. Unlike clumsy major banking structures with nontransparent decision-making processes, Smolevich Bank can put a premium on relations with a client. Our work on a corporate design of the bank was based on this approach that is unusual for the banking sector. The work resulted in a brandbook which regulated the whole corporate identity, including a unique interior design for banking centers.

A logo, corporate colors, POS-materials, a website, and an interior – all elements of the corporate design of Smolevich Bank were created in a very friendly and welcoming manner. This is not a bank that you are trying to distinguish amid clouds and planes, looking at it from the bottom up. This is a bank that addresses you as an equal. Playing on the field, one may quickly cross the line when easiness becomes mindlessness. To avoid this, all elements of a corporate design had to be balanced either internally or by other elements. For example, bright colors are balanced by symmetry and precise geometry of lines, shapes, and letters. Customer-focused elements of the design are balanced by a clear navigation in banking centers; in its turn, a user-friendly navigation of a web design is balanced by infographic elements.