Dr. Flax

Dr. Flax is a young American company selling flax products. The company stresses that its products are environmentally friendly. Our work on the interesting project included all stages of introducing the product to a market: starting from naming and ending with a development of a marketing strategy and positioning inside product categories. However, a product itself took the top place, of course. Flax is a unique natural material, a basis of a household. Probably, the most fascinating thing about flax is that it remains a basic fabric for our daily life over centuries. And the basic character is highly important for a creation of an international brand. Realizing what a powerful and coherent product we had to work with, we decided to let flax speak to itself. And then, we simply embodied it into a familiar form of a brand, a logo, a brandbook, and other corporate standards.


woman shows screen of digital tablet in her hands

Flax is well-known for its healing properties. Thus, we used the word Doctor in the brand naming and pointed out these properties in a descriptor. Other typical properties of flax reflected in our further work on the brand as well:

Flax is serenity and confidence. That’s why soothing blue and brown were chosen for corporate colors – colors of water and earth, two basic natural elements.

Flax is lightness. That’s why we made Dr. Flax minimalistic with a lot of free space.

Flax is a handmade work. That’s why while creating POS-materials, we were using craft paper.

Flax is freedom and naturalness. That’s why we made a package quite open; sometimes we used only a label on it. Flax should speak to itself.

Presentation of Dr. Flax fashion line was also based on the most typical properties of flax. The philosophy underlay a photo shoot organized by Stayfirst for spot catalogues and the online shop. Dr. Flax products are one of the most decisive responses to a growing trend of turning to nature in various fields. Because there is no eco-flax. Flax means eco.