Atlantida Center is a project by a stylist Konstantin Matukhno, which unites several fields – hairstyling, make-up, and image making. It is not just another beauty shop, but a place where talented hairstylists, make-up artists, and image makers help clients to build their future. A person’s appearance directly influences his or her self-confidence and success. We had a task not only to present a direct association with hairstyling, but also to reflect a more global approach toward beauty followed by Atlantida in a logo and other elements of a corporate design. Thus, the direct and traditional association is conveyed on the logo by a graphic element exclusively – scissors styled on the first letter of the center’s name. At the same time, a descriptor of the future center reveals a final goal of the project – assistance with a creation of the future that clients want to.

Laconism of the corporate design, principles of which are listed in a brandbook, highlights the center’s philosophy: there are no excessive elements, as simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Printed advertizing materials, online banners, and web design that were developed in a framework of the project as well set the idea of laconism and elegance due to classy black-and-white and color photos which depict beautiful and self-assured women.