Lokomotiv Kuban (2012)

Lokomotiv BC succeeded in many spheres in season 2015/16. The club moved to a new home court which is one of the best in Russia and rushed in Top-3 of the best teams in the country. At the same time, tickets for games went for nothing, and the most visited game in the history of the national championship vs. CSKA Moscow didn’t bring a dime to the club. Fans got accustomed to the fact that basketball doesn’t cost a penny. Stayfirst was lucky to become a part of a long process of a creation of the most commercially successful basketball club in the country. Rebranding was the first fruit of started changes.

A years-long work followed rebranding, which is going on today. A website, outdoor and TV advertising, a YouTube channel that gained more than 1 million views in a short time, a jersey design, and merchandise… Within one season, Lokomotiv Kuban turned from a regional club into a national-scale phenomenon and secured a title of the most visited club in Russia to itself. As for a connection between rebranding and the following victory in Eurocup and two successful seasons in Euroleague later, let conspiracy theory lovers think about it. Go Loko!